Repairs Price List

Prices are subject to change.  List prices are a minimum starting point.  Prices are based on basic leather and textile construction of clothing.  When pricing the final cost we take into consideration the construction techniques and price accordingly.  Motorcycle clothing, both leather and textile riding gear tends to be very technical and generally costs more.

$25.00 Minimum charge for anything that needs to be stitched.
DoC (Depending on Construction)

Sleeve Shortening

w/o cuffs or zip $35.00

w/cuffs or zip $50.00 & up DoC

Shorten from arm hole $60.00 DoC

Tapering Sleeves

w/o cuffs or zip $60.00

w/cuffs or zip $75.00 DoC


Jacket side seams $60.00 w/zip or waistband add $20.00

Hem jacket $50.00 & up

Motorcycle racing suits $75.00 & up DoC


Take in waist & seat $65.00 & up

Take in waist & hips $75.00 & up

Taper legs $60.00 & up

Hem legs w/o lining $30.00, w/lining add $10.00

Shorten above knee $80.00


Take in waist, taper to hip $60.00

Take in waist and side seams $75.00

Hem $35.00 add $10.00 with lining

Hem with attached lining $55.00


Replace knit waistband $65.00, cuffs $50.00

Replace main zipper in jacket or motorcycle suit $65.00 & up


The minimum charge for lettering starts at $60.00 for the first three letters

Die cut lettering 2” &3” are $7.00 per letter