Current projects

more Leather Wear

Leather Wear - we take leather and fabric samples that normally end up in a landfill and create beautiful cuffs, belts, hats, men's Steampunk corsets, and more.

more Hydration Vests

J2V is a recycled clothing program where we take jackets and turn them into hydration vests for walking, day hikes, or just cruising around town.  The sleeves are removed from the jacket and used to make a pocket that attaches to the back of the vest.  Loops are added to hold hydration pouches like Camelbaks or anything else that may fit:  yoga mats, flowers, french bread, etc.

Project Yurt - we build small (12'x18') yurts for camping.  The frames are made from a high-end plywood and covered with new and/or recycled materials.  We are hoping for this project to become a non-profit aimed at providing emergency housing during disasters.  We want to develop the yurts into suitable buildings for sleeping, medical tents, kitchens, and bathing areas.

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